Can You Live With Min. Wage in India

Recently in India there was a labour union strike, where amongs other demands was the demand to increase the minimums wages through out the country to Rs. 15000 per month. This will help you realize the hard choices that a minimum waged worker have to make living on the smallest paychecks.

This visualization is inspired/replica of NYT Minimum Wage
Related visualization.

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Assumption: 26 working days per month
Each pixel is Rs. 1
For Tripura the minimum min wage is for women working 5 hrs (instead of 8) a day
The states or UTs with only one min. wage has the same least min. wage and max. min. wage
All the values are in Indian National Rupees and per month
Data from Report On The Working Of The Minimum Wages Act, 1948 for 2011, 2012 and 2013 by Labour Bureau of India